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Master Lin, Feng Shui master and expert for far-eastern herbal medicines has developed this exclusive luxury cosmetic line based on the millennia old TCM philosophy. In accordance to the principles of Yin-Yang, the precious natural plant extracts and oils harmonise and energise the energy flow of the body and so a balance between the inner wellbeing and the outer appearance can be achieved.

Master Lin is a luxury cosmetic brand based on Traditional Chinese Medicine enriched with fine gold, pearl and valuable hand picked healing herbs. The brand has been available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland since 2006. Stands for ancient, far eastern secret recipes with pure, natural plant extracts and oils. Is based on the holistic ideals of TCM and the Yin-Yang principle theory. Is 100% nature; free of mineral oils, paraffin's and synthetic frangrances.

The ingredients in the Master Lin products were optimally combined as by the TCM principles to achieve a harmonising effect. Master Lin brings the energy equilibrium of body, mind and soul in balance so the life-force - the Qi can flow.

TCM Basics:

  • TCM treats the origins of a disturbance and not the symptoms.
  • Face diagnosis: all the inner organs are reflected in our face. The skin is the largest organ and the mirror of physical health, emotional well-being and inner balance.
  • Skin irritations such as redness, premature wrinkles and dry areas indicate a disturbance in a particular body zone.
  • TCM views the body as an energetic system which is in dynamic balance as based on the principles of Yin and Yang.
  • Qi is the life energy: it flows in orderly patterns - the meridians - through the body.
  • Where Qi flows freely and without blockages - harmony and health are balanced.
  • Beauty and health are inseparably connected to one another.
  • TCM treats disharmony of the energy flow by clearing blockages and strengthening of the energy circulation.

The 5 Elements Theory:

The five elements - Wood, Fire,Metal, Water and Earth have been directly derived from nature. They are constantly changing and are in direct relation to each other. As such: Wood feeds Fire; Fire creates Earth (through ash); Earth bears Metal; Metal carries Water; Water nourishes Wood. It's a closed circuit. If in a recipe a part of a plant or the entire plant is used which is a component of these 5 elements, the skin can take up what is needed to even out the deficiency. Too dry, oily or impure skin is balanced out by means of the Yin-Yang principle. The skin returns to its original elasticity and vigour and a soft shimmering complexion is the result.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Consists of approx. 6,000 different herbs and minerals.
  • Has been in use for over 3,000 years.
  • In the course of time thousands of herbal mixtures were created and tested on effectiveness. Each is based on the fundamentals of standardised medicine.
  • Every herb has a specific effect.
  • Herbs boost each other when combined and even become more effective.

The Uniqueness of these TCM Recipes

Gold/Fine Gold - is one of the oldest medicines of the human race. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and conserving. According to TCM gold stimulates the body's energy channels and has a balancing effect.

  • People associate a very positive effect on the body with gold. In the middle ages it was used as an elixir to improve health and restore youthfulness.
  • The pioneer of modern pharmacology, Paracelsus, used different metals and especially gold to develop medication. In China it is custom to add gold coins to a meal so to take in traces of gold.
  • In Asia it is a given that gold has a positive influence on the human organism. The intake of gold can be well combined with a dermal application. Thus, according to TCM, gold can unfold its positive traits inwards and outwards.

Pearl - has a high natural calcium and amino acid concentration which is beneficial for cell regeneration. In TCM it is known for its antiseptic traits and its ability to repair damaged skin. In the Asian culture pearls are said to promote health and have cleansing and strengthening properties.

  • In China, pearl powder has been used for centuries for the preservation of good health, as food additive and as a active agent in cosmetics.
  • According to TCM pearl is used to acquire a flawless, luminous complexion.
  • The healing properties of pearls and pearl powder is not only a Chinese tradition but has been adopted worldwide for e.g. by Hildegard von Bingen in the 12th century, who in her nature and medicinal studies suggested placing pearls in water for some time and then drinking this to help improve healthiness.

Hand Picked Far Eastern Healing Herbs - act energetic and help in harmonising Yin and Yang.

  • Wild herbs are said to have the highest healing potential as they choose to grow where it is best for them.

Frangrance - the world of fragrances is an oasis of sensuality and unlimited energy. For thousands of years all cultures have known aromatherapy to have a harmonising effect on the body and soul. Aromatherapy as an holistic treatment views the human as one element comprised of body, mind and soul. Fine essential oils eliminate energy inbalances and strengthen the immune system. They are the soul and vitality of each and every plant. These healing properties of ethereal oils are combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and are perfectly implemented in the effective Master Lin cosmetic range. Fragrances magically attract us. The fine aromas in a face cream, a body lotion or in a body oil intensify the effect of the other ingredients. By applying the cream, the wholesome aromas of lavender, patchouli, rose and many more work their way via the central nervous system and guarantee a balanced and relaxed body, mind and soul.

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