Alpin Derm with Edelweiss

The best of the Alps.

Edelweiss, Austrian medicinal herbs and mare's milk - potent care for beautiful skin from Austria. The intensive mix of active ingredients with the power of edelweiss, nourishing mare's milk and the Alpine herb mix with gentian, hay flowers, sweet clover and yarrow was specially developed in our in-house research laboratory for dry and hypersensitive skin, as well as for sensitive combination skin. The Alpine ingredients with effective phytocomplexes and vitamins revitalise and rejuvenate the skin and thus work effectively to combat the signs of early skin ageing and loss of elasticity.

Edelweiss - power from the Alps

High up in the Alps, at an altitude of more than 1,800 metres, grows an innocuous plant which has long had cult status: edelweiss. In order to be able to survive the most harsh environment, the much praised most beautiful flower in the world developed countless protection mechanisms which are now also successfully used in cosmetics. As a result, Alpine Edelweiss has been known as a medicinal plant for centuries, and by now around 60 different compounds have been studied. Rich in antioxidants, the white star of the Alps protects itself against UV radiation and free radicals. As a result, edelweiss extract helps the skin to strengthen its own protection against damaging environmental factors and due to its vasoconstrictive properties, is recommended for couperosis.

Mare's Milk - care, protection and regeneration

Due to the extraordinary high concentration of vitamins, proteins and minerals, precious mare's milk contributes to quicker regeneration and firming of the skin. The skin is gently nourished and looks fresher and more even. The effect of mare's milk is known to be soothing, anti-inflammatory and slightly antibotic, meaning that it is readily used to alleviate redness of the skin and in the treatment of atopic eczema and skin inflammation. The extraordinarily high concentration of active ingredients and nutrients also contributes to quicker regeneration and firming of the skin, as well as giving a nourished and radiant complexion.



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