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Shea Butter Body Cream 200ml

Shea Butter Body Cream 200ml
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Certified organic vegetable oils and shea butter are the main ingredients for this smooth body cream. Moisture is supplied to the skin leaving it soft by naturally supporting the regeneration. Shea butter contains many vitamins and minerals, leaving a velvety smooth and silky soft feeling to the skin.
The shea tree or tree of youth is found in the savannas of Western Africa. Its nut-like fruits are collected, dried, pounded and ground and subsequently heated in water. The light fat rises to the surface and is skimmed off as shea butter once it has cooled down. Shea butter is rich in Vitamin E, Provitamin A and allantoin. These valuable organic substances stimulate cell regeneration, lift dry and mature body skin while supplying it with ample moisture. Ideal as a regenerating after-sun treatment.
Indulge yourself and your skin in this delightful daily luxury!

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