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Cacao Butter Body Cream 200ml

Cacao Butter Body Cream 200ml
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Certified organic vegetable oils & Cacao butter are the main ingredients for this smooth body cream. Moisture is supplied to the skin leaving it soft by naturally supporting the regeneration. Cacao butter contains many vitamins & minerals, leaving a velvety smooth and silky soft feeling to the skin.
Literally translated the scientific name for the cocoa tree means " Food of Gods". In our latitiudes cocoa used to be reserved for royal families, dignitaries or members of the nobility. Fragrant cocoa butter enriched with minerals & vitamins A,B,D & E - Styx Cacao Butter Body Cream is a tender temptation for sophisticated skin. Choice organic oils & glycerin give this cream its unique, soft consistency.
Indulge yourself & your skin with this delightful daily luxury!

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