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Active French Clay 200g

Active French Clay
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The benefits of using clay are it firms, tones and cleanses the skin, rids the body of toxins, cellulite reduction as it compacts fatty tissues and tightens the skin and the results are immediate. However lost inches will gradually return so a healthy diet is important. Drinking lots of water will help to flush out your system. It is important to also use the clay which best suits the problem being treated or the temperament of the person. Suitable for Men and Women.

Available in 5 colours:

Green - the most popular for healing poultices, removing toxins, tissue repair, baths, face and body masks.

Red - for mature, tired, stressed, dehydrated skin as it is an oiler clay.

Yellow - for sun damaged, fatigued skin - similar to green but gentler.

Pink - for sensitive skins - face masks for softening the skin, all over body treatments for tissue refirming and hair treatments.

White - for sensitive skin - ideal for babies, dusting powder, hair treatments, absorbing odours and oil free massages.

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