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Stageline Professional

XXL Lashes

$46.65 AUD
REF 279

  • Growth activating serum
  • Lash volumiser and strengthener
  • Highly effective formula with bioactive ingredients
  • visible results after 6 weeks

New hair follicle treatment serum, to achieve the generation of young cells in the follicle, increasing the keratin synthesis capacity, and therefore to increase lash growth and thickness.

EYELASHES: After washing your lids and lashes, apply the serum once a day in the evenings, the same way as eyeliner, on the upper and lower eyelashes base. One or two strokes of the brush is sufficient. Apply every night.

EYEBROWS: XXL Lashes may also be used to fill sparse eyebrows or bald patches.

RESULTS: The active ingredients have been extensively tested to provide visible results within 3-4 weeks and its maximum result is shown at 5-6 weeks from the beginning of the treatment. The effectiveness of XXL Lashes is based on regular application over several weeks. If application is stopped, it will cease to be effective. If you want to retain your new long eyelashes continue using the product. Results can very depending on each person's metabolism.