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Stageline Professional

Peeling & Volume

$9.00 AUD
REF 264

Double action lip cream with regenerative and volumising effects. Rejuvenation of the lips is activated by a peeling action to remove dead skin cells. This is achieved by spherical polythylene particles within the product which provide gentle exfoliation. With the addition of active ingredients such as vanillyl ether butter and hylauronic acid, not only does this product rejuvenate but also volumises and plumps the lips.

Apply using a gentle circular motion concentrating on dehydrated areas. This method of application is not only vital for the rejuvenation process, but also aids the absorption of active ingredients for volumising and plumping effects. Massage into the lips for 15 seconds and blot excess. Apply daily for 20 days to see visible results.

Paraben Free.