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NFuzion Professional Haircare

NFuzion Professional Hair Booster | 250ml

$18.95 AUD

What it is: Nfuzion Professional Hair Booster is a leave in daily moisturising cream that will inject moisture into dry, dehydrated hair. It has a weightless formulation that will absorb instantly into the hair, and a three way protection formula against the damaging effects that UV rays, chlorine and salt water has on the hair. It leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth.

Skincare Comparison: A Daily Face Moisturiser

Intensive Daily Moisturiser: Hydrates and revitalises dry dehydrated hair.

Panthenol: Directs moisture into hair structure, thickens and gives hair a more improved feel.

3 Way Protection: Protects hair from UV, saltwater and chlorine

Lightweight Cream Formula: Is a non greasy, non sticky formula that leaves no build up. It can be blow waved over in the hair and is easily absorbed.

Liquid Detangler: Smoothes cuticle and detangles hair easily. Liquid comb that smooths knots and tangles from children’s hair.

Cutting Tool: Use to create a more accurate cut when razoring and chipping into hair style and when style cutting on dry hair.

How It Is Used: Apply a necessary amount emulsify and apply from mid lengths to ends. Can be used on damp or dry hair. Add a few drops of Zero Frizz Serum to help smooth and lock in moisture on thick coarse hair.

How Often Is It Used: Daily or when required.

Hair Types: All, especially damaged hair, dry dehydrated hair and curly frizzy hair textures.

Hair Textures: All, particularly fine to medium hair.