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NFuzion Professional Haircare

NFuzion Professional Clay Twister | 100gm

$18.95 AUD

What it is: This fab styling wax is a matt messing cream to create tornado style hair twists. It feels like a cream and it sets like a clay.

Matt Messing Cream: Workable cream that disappears into your hair and sets like clay & dries with a matt finish.

Texturiser: Use to piece, texturise and style hair.

Water Soluble: Shampoos out easily.

How It Is Used: Damp Hair:  Work into hair and style. Dry Hair: - Work into hair to create texture, you can also work through ends and blow wave in to create flicks. Add a few drops of Serum for shine & gloss.

How Often Is It Used: As Needed.

Hair Textures: All hair textures.

Hair Styles: Bed head and messy short styles. Work and twist into dry hair to create temporary dreadlocks (last 3-4 days). Use to finish, define style and create texture and can be used in place of Nfuzion Hair Shaper on dry hair for a stronger hold.