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Brands - Styx

The essence of the success of Styx Natural Cosmetics GmBH is the mixture of serious commitment to the highest quality. Natural resources, traditional knowledge, innovative ideas by implementing the careful development and processing, using the highest level of advanced technology which includes no animal testing. Awareness and values are essential in today's world.
The Styx range of all natural products for body care and well being presently exceeds 450 products for retail and over 300 products for beauty and wellness professionals. These products are represented in over 40 countries worldwide, we are proud to be the sole importer of these products to Australia. The products currently available in Australia is growing and increasing as consumers become aware of the effectiveness and the very best quality at affordable prices.


* Only raw materials of natural origin, organic agriculture.
* The raw materials are cold pressed vegetable oils, essential oils, fresh herbal extracts, waxes, oils, Shea butter, Cacao butter, Bee's wax and coconut oil.
* Ingredients such as emulsifiers, preservatives and surfactants are derived from natural raw materials.
* Processing methods are physical, microbiological and/or enzymatically.
* The preservation is as per food preparation according to Austrian Food Codex.